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Nikita Tyler ~ 20th July 2018

We are converts and LOVE them!!! 

Our kids are so keen to use and help wash. 

I hope their generation will make the biggest change as this is what they will be use to. 

Tricia Williams ~ 29th March 2018

I just received my order from Beegood Wax wraps.
Our goal this year has been to bring as little plastic into the house and use as little as we can.
These wax wraps are natural, last approx one year and can be washed and used to wrap kids lunches, cover containers and can wrap most foods in them.
Keeps them super fresh.
I am about to order a heap more!" 

Dawn Byrne ~ 27th March 2018

I can't rave about these enough! 

I love love love them. Watermelon goes yucky in cling wrap after a few days. Not with Beegood Wax Wraps. 

It was still firm and juicy after 7 days. My chooks are going to miss out on so many vegetables now! 

Will be buying more. 

Kira Hansen ~ 9th January 2018

Awesome customer service and excellent wraps - great to meet you and your lovely son!

Rebecca Finch ~ 27th November 2017

Picked up our wraps at the Handmade markets. 

Loving them!

Will definitely be buying more for us and gifts! 

Annette Holsted ~ 21st November 2017

Awesome product! They mould well onto whatever you are covering & so much better for the environment than cling wrap. 

I loved them so much I bought more at the next markets.

Tracey Welsh ~ 20th November 2017

Purchased my wraps on Monday and used them as soon as I got them. 

I purchased 2 packs, one as a gift.............but i loved them so much I now need to purchase another to replace the gift i used! 

Oh and they look nice in the fridge!

Great product Loren

Tanya ~ 15th November 2017

Just received my first gorgeous package of BeeGood Wax Wraps and I am definitely a BEEliever!!! 

So easy to use, they seal beautifully, are sturdy and the bonus - knowing you are doing the right thing for our environment!

Peter Ross ~ 10th November 2017

Had our wraps for a few weeks and used them on everything. Just awesome. They're easy and fun to use and do a much much better job of sealing than I had imagined. 

Truly brilliant sustainable product. A few friends and family will be getting these for Xmas gifts and they'll be very lucky to do so I think.  

Jennifer ~ 5th November 2017

Just received mine today & put one over a casserole dish I put in fridge, very impressed with the way it moulded to the dish, best thing about these is that it helps the environment. 

Lea Vanzella ~ November 2017

I love these - they smell divine and do a great job at keeping my kids school lunches fresh.