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Product Care & Use

  • BeeGood Wax Wraps are the perfect replacement for plastic, in particular cling film They are hand made using only 100% Australian beeswax, pure jojoba oil and tree resin infused into cotton fabric. Each ingredient is selected for its natural preservative qualities.

  • BeeGood Wax Wraps can be washed and used repeatedly.   This helps to save the environment and reduce waste.   Not only are BeeGood Wax Wraps great for food storage, they also help you organise items found throughout your home eg. wrap a bar of soap for travel or a bouquet of fresh flowers.

  • BeeGood Wax Wraps are made from natural ingredients that respond to their environment. If it is warmer they
    typically feel softer, if colder they may feel harder and not so tacky. There may be small lumps and marks on the surface which occur naturally during the hand making process.

  • How to Use BeeGood Wax Wraps ~  Use the warmth of your hands to press and mould your wrap firmly around the item to be stored. Place the wrapped item in the refrigerator or take them with you on the go eg. school lunches, picnics or travelling.
  • These wraps can also be placed in the freezer.

  • BeeGood Wax Wraps are ideal for wrapping fruit vegetables, cheese, bread, sandwiches, snacks, etc. (not recommended for meat, fish & greasy food).  Wrap your leftovers, COOL casserole dishes, salads bowls and any other item you intend to use later.

  • How to Clean BeeGood Wax Wraps ~ Wash your BeeGood Wax Wraps in COOL WATER with eco-friendly dish soap.  Rinse and air dry before storing in your kitchen drawer. The natural coating on your wrap will dissolve in alcohol so check your dish washing liquid before washing your wraps. 
  • PLEASE do not use a microfiber cloth or scourer as these will remove the wax. 

  • Avoid Heat ~ Because BeeGood Wax Wraps are made from natural beeswax they need to be kept away from all sources of heat, including hot water, steam, hot food and flames. Wait until the food is cool then cover with it with your wrap.  Avoid putting them in the dishwasher, microwave oven or anywhere they can overheat.

  • Summer Time Caution ~ Avoid leaving beeswax wraps in hot places such as direct sunlight or in a parked car. In hot weather, please keep wrapped items such as sandwiches, cut vegetables, fruit, or cheese in an esky with an ice pack.


  • How Long Do BeeGood Wax Wraps Last?If you follow these care instructions, your BeeGood Wax Wraps will last up to a year.  With day to day use, stains and creases may appear, but these do not affect your wrap’s ability to do their job.

I am passionate about the overuse of  plastic in our everyday lives and decided to try to make a difference. 

Help me help our planet,our local environment and reduce waste!

How to wrap and clean your BeeGood Wax Wraps